• Size medium chest M 77-86cm Length 43cm

  • Size Name:54-77 cm (Longueur Dos: 43 cm)  |  Colour Name:Pacific Blue

    Dogs have virtually no sweat glands. That means that they can only try to regulate body temperature through panting or by sweating through their paw pads. Dogs can only lose only a small amount of excess body heat this way. This means that dogs are prone to overheating, or worse, suffering a heat stroke, which can lead to permanent damage to organs, a coma, or in severe cases even death.

    Key features
    Put your Aqua CoolKeeper Jacket in water and the specially developed HydroQuartz inside is activated, becoming a highly-effective active cooling gel. This HydroQuartz gel absorbs your dog's body heat and loses it through evaporation. This means that immediate and continuous cooling is possible. Although the jacket itself has been immersed in water and absorbs water, it will feel completely dry an hour after soaking. The activated jacket cools the animal's blood flowing through their arteries, which lie just beneath the surface of the skin. This cooled blood flows through the body and cools the dog down. It is, in short, the same effect as keeping your wrists under cold running water for rapid cooling!

    Aqua Coolkeeper Jacket keeps your dog cool:
    During warm weather
    During travel
    While playing and exercising
    During outdoor activities

    And provides relief from:
    Heat stroke
    Increased body temperature
    Associated overheating problems

    Submerge the Aqua Coolkeeper Jacket in cold water and within minutes it can be used to keep your dog cool. The jacket's cooling effects can last up to 5 days (depending on environmental circumstances). The Aqua Coolkeeper Jacket can be used over and over again.

    The Aqua Coolkeepter Jacket is available in the following sizes (chest circumference)...

    AQUA COOLKEEPER® Cooling Coat for Dogs - B00C8RDORY

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    AQUA COOLKEEPER® Cooling Coat for Dogs - B00C8RDORY

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