• Panneau chien ou plaque Berger-de-brie-noir 20 cm - B005VQAL16

  • Supplied with 4 stainless steel screws

  • Does not break or crack over time

  • Special anti-UV protective film

  • Excellent weather resistance

  • Material: 3 mm PVC and plasticised vinyl

  • Colour:20 by 10 cm

    Just look to a plate that keeps showing the presence of all kinds and breeds of animal berger-de-brie-noir the guest house or home.The plaques are made from UV stabilised PVC to care clamping or screwing on any surface, both large and small... we offer a wide choice of signs of care. For used for keeping with your dog with the text berger-de-brie-noir regulatory For insurance purposes.Our panels are made in France with a base of 3 mm PVC UV resistant Care, on which is a soft plastic adhesive applied. Each type of guard plaque is supplied with 4 steel self-piercing screws of 25 mm. The regulatory text appears on each panel: "I still care and protecting the hair from environmental elements. You will enter this house at your own risk. " This will discharge you still on the front of your insurance if an accident happens in your property. As such, this panel i am beyond the requirements of the security for your dog, is an effective deterrent against intruders and bad guys.This is also necessary for protecting your the law on the dogs. To our seriously, we let 4 screws Stainless steel guard that does not oxideront panels mount in the time). It takes to the mount have at least a Phillips head screwdriver or better still a screwdriver set. The holes on the guard panel are not holes to give you the freedom to choose the location of the iron 'I Rise custody. These panels can be arranged on the walls or gates and must be visible in your visitors to each point of your property, or home.

    Panneau chien ou plaque Berger-de-brie-noir 20 cm - B005VQAL16

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    Panneau chien ou plaque Berger-de-brie-noir 20 cm - B005VQAL16

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